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Sofia Saltidou

Sofia Saltidou


Sofia Saltidou is from Greece and she is in her last year of her bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Information Systems. She has participated in many local and international youth organizations based on leadership and SDGs. She is very interested in topics such as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), youth leadership, women empowerment, society and environmental issues, peace and wealthness supporter and also she is passionate about humans rights and equality. She started working as a volunteer when she was 19 for the first time with the volunteer community of the Municipality of her city. She also worked with the WWF Hellas and other topical organizations to aspire leadership to young people.
Also, she has created and also events and University campaigns to promote youth to take action and become world citizens by volunteering globally in other countries on the SDGs. At that time she was also cooperating with many other NGOs in order to bring young people from abroad in her country to support those organizations. Also, she has traveled to Poland for almost two months in order to help on the SDG number 10 about the reduction of inequalities in which she was teaching in a school daily. During the COVID-19 period that her country was in lockdown, Sofia joined the organization COVID 19 Response Greece as a coordinator in sponsorships and other projects based on the reduction of kids’ effects on their social development. She is currently a member of the Municipal Youth Council of Thessaloniki and she is also a sponsorship manager at TEDx UniversityofMacedonia. Her aspiration is to create a big team in which young people will help their country to succeed in the SDGs indexes until 2030.

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