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Global Peace Summit Kenya 2023

Global Peace Summit Kenya 2023

Global Peace Summit Kenya 2023 aims at providing the possibility to brilliant younger, competent, and enthusiastic peace developers from 70+ nations. Broaden their thoughts and avenue maps to attain sustainable improvement dreams and advise on peace of their groups to counter excessive violence, hate, and discrimination. It’s understanding in today’s youth and steps taken by various organizations towards it. Role of anything and everything you do daily towards helping maintain peace even remotely. How is it essential to build resilience for a domino effect of change? This summit targets inspiring younger people and expanding their abilities within the sphere of peace education to assist them in changing thoughts and percentage projects while networking with like-minded people and global leaders.


  • How economic weakness hinders the utilization of potential young minds?
  •  How colonization still impacts Africa’s Road to economic recovery?
  • What are the causes of Africa’s constant political issues, and how could they be resolved?
  •  Effect of domestic violence and how it has hindered Africa’s social growth.
  • How climate change in Africa has affected a peaceful coexistence,
  • The role of young people in ensuring food security and support systems are in place as well as challenges.

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Global Peace Summit Kenya 2023

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