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The core objective of peace chain is to cultivate the culture of tolerance, inclusivity &

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Kamran Zafar

Chief Executive Officer Message

“Peace is the stillness of mind. In today’s political climate, peace can take many shapes and forms; however, we can identify peace by some of its unequivocal traits: Love, trust, humbleness, partnership, tolerance, and inclusivity.
These traits are fundamental to the healthy growth of individuals, communities, and society. It is when innovative humans advocate for inclusivity, tolerance and coexistence, that the world can change. It is when individuals choose love, trust, and humility, that nations can alter their negative cultural traits.
We are currently witnessing a fourth social revolution. Technology has provided us with a platform where voices are amplified, and human behavior cannot overshadow or hidden; However, we should be aware of the message we want to convey. We see more international alliances frayed by the actions (and inactions) of states’ citizens.


As Agents of Peace, we must find solutions that disregards man’s inclination and instincts for misconception, chaos, and fallacy. Peace must shine by long term propositions versus short term paradigms.
We believe that peace can be obtainable through educational camps, partnerships, dialogue with stakeholders such as, but not limited to, diplomats, religious scholars, and community-based organizations.
Approximately 120 million people have died due to war-related conflicts. Yes, the number increases, but youth voices can tackle this challenge. As Reinhold Niebuhr said, “man’s capacity of justice makes democracy, but man’s inclination for injustice makes democracy.”  The paradox is simple.

Peace is a Pollyanna mentality; peace is order defeating chaos.”

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Muhammad Ahmad

Co-Founder & Director Message

A rather textbook definition of peace defines it as the concept of societal friendship and harmony in the absence of hostility and violence. As straightforward as it sounds, this is exactly the kind of environment that we wish to formulate. From the beginning of time, survival has been the need of humankind, to thrive unaltered in their course of life. While a worthy cause on its own, the biggest drawback to such a mindset was the ignorance of harmony in the environment. Wars were waged, empires built and shattered, all for the sake of continual and unhindered success. Present times, however, have a different ethos accompanying them. We live in a society and world where our most trivial of needs have a way of being met, hence the purpose of trampling others to gain something for ourselves is lost. The exigency of today is the unhindered establishment of a peaceful habitat for all of us to reside in, sans the constant fear of being trampled upon by those more powerful than us.

The purpose of establishing peace is lost on none, it is the act of achieving it that poses an utmost dilemma. Our purpose and paramount missions are to inculcate such a sense of tranquility in the lives of all those who suffer, or are in need of a hand to hold on to; to provide love and a promise of trust without asking for anything in return. We as humanity have lost the innate instinct of being human towards each other, through the efforts of every individual who wishes to simply help their fellow humans in need, we plan on creating a uniquely humane world. Lastly, in the words of Albert Einstein lies the crux of my message

‘Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding.’

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We Are Global Peace Chain

Global Peace Chain has its objective to get all the national and international media in its loop to promote the message of love and peace. Media has a very powerful source to promote any message and GPC is well aware of it. Since the adoption of United Nations’ in 2015, every year 12th August is celebrated as International Youth Day to recognize that young people, as agents of change, are critical actors in conflict prevention, sustaining peace and development of societies.Global Peace Chain envisions to build resilience, cultivate the culture of tolerance, inclusivity, interfaith harmony,co-existance,love & social peace building across the border through peace camps in educational institutions, interactive sessions, peace talks with society stakeholders, diplomats, ambassadors, influential community groups,UN officials, religious scholars and community based organization across the globe by engaging Global Peace Ambassadors.Young people’s contributions to conflict prevention and transformation as well as inclusion, social justice, and sustainable peace is invaluable .

What we do

Objectives of Global Peace Chain

  •  To mobilize youth from across the world to attain the 2030 UN Sustainable   Development Goals.
  • To engage civil societies, government agencies and other stakeholders in social   peace campaigns worldwide.
  • To conduct community-based activities and peace dialogues.
  • To provide a networking platform that bring awareness to tolerance and inclusivity.
  • To attract local and international media coverage on peace building and conflict   resolution.
  • To promote interfaith, harmony, love, compassion, co-existence and tolerance to   counterattack violence and extremism.
  • To advocate human rights through a worldwide network.
  • To submit a peace petition at the UN HQ by enrolling the voice of youth from all corners of the world.
  • To develop international peace initiatives and social projects.
  • To empower all Global Peace Ambassadors to achieve the UN SDGs by initiating   projects.
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Peace Petition

Global Peace Chain is going to submit a Peace Petition which states #PeacebyDialogue in United Nations Headquarters with a signatures of 1 Million youth members from each part of the world.

Interfaith Harmony

Global Peace Chain is providing a sustainable and powerful platform to bring all the religious/ethnic groups under single platform to discuss the common in them and bring interfaith harmony.

Global Campaign

Global Peace Chain started a worldwide campaign to promote the message of peace and love. Our Global Peace Ambassadors from each part of the world organize Peace Camps, Peace rallies, Peace Walks and National Level Peace Summits.



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Board of Directors

  • Kamran Zafar


    Kamran Zafar


    Kamran has three years of experience in the fertilizer sector as Assistant Engineer Operations and eight years experience in the nonprofit sector, he earned a Bachelor’s of S...

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  • Maisha Reza


    Maisha Reza


    Dr Maisha is a lecturer in Biomedicine at University of East Anglia, School of Biological Sciences, United Kingdom and she lectures undergraduate and postgraduate students. A skele...

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  • Meriam Belghali


    Meriam Belghali


    A graduate Student from Tunis Business School and has an experience as Mentoring and Evaluation Consultant on Economic Justin and women empowerment projects with Oxfam . Prior to b...

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  • Danilo Mirabile


    Danilo Mirabile


    Within my community, I manage various companies and organizations, mainly involved in supporting young people and spreading a corporate culture. I demonstrate my leadership by exam...

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  • Sophia Angelica

    United States Of America

    Sophia Angelica

    United States Of America

    New York born, Sophia Angelica is a very unique talent. Growing up she embraced her Argentinian ancestry by learning Spanish in her mother’s bilingual acting classes, where Sophi...

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  • Ilaha Ibrahimli


    Ilaha Ibrahimli


    Ilaha Ibrahimli completed her bachelor degree in the faculty of Translation/Interpretation at the Azerbaijan University of Languages and Master of Business Administration at the AD...

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  • Yesika Aguilera


    Yesika Aguilera


    Yesika Aguilera is a Tech entrepreneur, Co-founder & CMO at Tespack: Best Energy Startup in EU awarded by the European Commission. Co-founded Tespack at the age 24 – A S...

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  • Kennedy Kwuleum

    United Kingdom

    Kennedy Kwuleum

    United Kingdom

    He is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Nexus Exchange Limited – an innovative century 21 youth social enterprise company, headquartered in Preston Lancashire United Kin...

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We the youth of the world hereby declare that the terrorism and violence have nothing to do with any caste,color,creed,ethnicity,region and religion.The solution to conflict is dialogue and mutual understanding.We are standing for a prosperous,stable,war free and conflict free world.A world where every human lives without fear.We demand that our world leaders and the United Nations pass a resolution to cease fire and bring an end to all wars.We demand that states create a neutral ground for dialogue,we demand that world leaders set a table where all grievance are addressed and justice is brought to all effected communities.

Peace By Dialouge

Global Peace Chain envisions to build resilience, cultivate the culture of tolerance, inclusivity, interfaith harmony,co-existance,love & social peace building across the border through peace camps in educational institutions, interactive sessions, peace talks with society stakeholders, diplomats, ambassadors, influential community groups,UN officials, religious scholars and community based organization across the globe by engaging Global Peace Ambassadors
We are collecting 1 Million signatures in order to submit our peace Petition, Please help us to raise the voice of youth for the promotion of Peace Message and sign yourself for Peace Petition by a single click.

To spread Peace message globally by producing Young, Passionate and emerging change makers
3,727 signatures = 0% of goal

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Media Coverage

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Blog Posts

Assassination of peace


they are think that I will not be able to say my message to the world from the bottom of the destruction and wars that have turned our dreams into ill

When will humanity wake up?

Thu Apr 7 By Aruba Faruque

Sometimes, nothing seems left to me to write because so many of you all have been so cruel that seems like you have lost the right to read and write.

Kartarpur Corridor- A harbinger of peace, happiness and reunification

Thu Apr 7 By Hanzla Ahmed Khan

The Ardas of the 24 million Nanak Naam Lewas was finally heard on 9th November as the Kartarpur corridor and the adjacent Darbar Sahib Gurdwara was op

Our Coverage

Global Peace Chain

The Universe is created in a way that seems to follow the pattern of Coordination. Every universal body manifests the unprecedented form of co-existence. Human is a social living being which needs cooperation and cohesion within the people for the survival. The factors that demolish this favorable cooperation leads to the unpeaceful happenings in the world. Peace is the condition of acceptance and composure that is nourished by empathy and Coordination.

In order to achieve the Global Peace, World nations have to recognize the elements of disturbance that is blooming in frantic manner. To search and study the buds of collision that is sprouting the substantial unpeaceful sensations in the world and then to nip the evil in the bud is an effective approach to make this earth a peaceful and better place to live. By thoroughly inspecting the devastating factors, the most notable and highly considerable elements are Economic and Political flaws. Furthermore, as peace originate with in an individual to make up an entire peaceful system, there is lack of proper peace education in the people.

The Economic splash in some countries of the world making their citizens violent. It is elevating the crime rate and leading to uncertain conditions of some areas. The flourishing corruption and unequal distribution of wealth making it worse. By facilitating the system with accountable and effective legal framework, world can make its way towards global peace. As the people will get rid of their frustration regarding the corrupt system, they will move away from violence, negativity and abhorrence. Economic stability will help in the prerequisite of Human Prosperity which in turns contribute to the global peace chain.

The Influential Political System can play its role in peace building process. The peace evoking campaigns and movements should be encouraged at government level. The leadership of the world can bring peace by making good relations with the neighboring countries. To provide the humanitarian aid to other countries in case of crises can achieve world peace. All the government officials should hold the narrative of Peace and Consonance. Nowadays, peace for global is disturbed due to inevitable wars between several countries, taking military and humanitarian expense and unleashing the constant fearful environment of losing lives instantly in war attacks. Some countries like Syria, Iraq, Palestine, and Yemen are suffering with severe conditions of war. People are facing the deprivation of primitive life amenities like food, water and Health supply. Wars demolish the huge infrastructures and make the land ruined by letting people live miserably in camps. The Stubborn political Leadership of these countries in war are not choosing peace for their generations. Only the mutual relationship and effective Dialogue round the table can save these countries from further destruction.

Youth of the world which is the major changing element, is involved in emerging conflicts of racism, discrimination and extremism. To educate the youth with peace lessons, Peace Education should be prevailed with the core objectives of inculcating the broad sense of Peace with in themselves. Peace education will comprise of teaching the humanitarian aspects without discrimination. They can contribute as peace builders, Social and human Activist and influential. By creating the diverse environment and make them adaptable to the diverse human natures, ideas,visions, race, religion, color and culture, can make them peace builders and peace promoters. Youth of the world is the only hope to save the people of world from further suffering and to achieve eternal Global peace. Peace is the dire need of the global community and every effort to make it realized is worth cheering and praising. To save many innocent lives from poverty, War attacks and ignorance, peace should be availed on the urgent basis.

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