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Sapana Bhandari

Sapana Bhandari


Hello, I’m Sapana Bhandari, a Public Health graduate from Pokhara University in Nepal, born on October 13, 1999. My passion for public health earned me the Enthusiastic Project Award for my sustainability-focused thesis. As a Public Health Enthusiast, I strive for positive change. Post-graduation, I became a Program Officer at the Youth Thinker’s Society affiliated with the U.S. Embassy in Nepal, contributing significantly to program development and growth. I Served as Chief Planning Officer for Team Nepal in the Global Peace Chain. Since childhood, I’ve been committed to global issues, focusing on human rights, gender issues, and global peace. Engaged in initiatives by organizations like AIESEC Nepal, We for Change, and the Red Cross Society, I’ve contributed to community empowerment, social justice, gender equality, and sustainable development.

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