Muhammad Ahmad

Program Director

Global Peace Chain

A fairly course book meaning of harmony characterizes it as the idea of cultural companionship and agreement without antagonism and savagery. As direct as it sounds, this is actually the sort of climate that we wish to define. Global Peace Chain represents the string of variety, inclusivity, agreement, conjunction and empathy. As a compelling organization, we are arousing the young to adequate their voices against social shameful acts and strict narrow mindedness. This year is year for YOUTH to present their UNSDG on a global platform. It is worth focusing on that this will be the first run through any association has found a way the way to do as such, with the monetary reward of $20,000! The 17 UN-SDGs will uphold harmony with Freedom, Art, Health, Justice, Technology, Climate Action, Gender Equality, Entrepreneurship, Eliminating Poverty and Education. Together, we are solidified to kill disdain discourse, brutality, Xenophobia, strict segregation and clashes by setting up Peace exchange inside various areas of the world. I wish the competitors from entire world the very best for the greatest chance!

Member Of Judges Panel