Have the ambition to change the world? Interested in propagating a message of sustainability and social harmony? Achievement of peace is a global effort. Are you interested in making peace by climate change mitigation, poverty, education, health, gender equality, technology, arts, freedom and justice and entrepreneurship? If yes, then you are eligible to apply and this is the right platform to give yourself a chance to win cash prizes of $20000!

Check your Eligibility!

✓ Age must be from 16-40 years.
✓ A candidate must be dedicated to achieve and work for United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.
✓ A candidate must be able to communicate in English.
✓ Students and Professionals are highly encouraged to apply.
✓ Open minded, motivated and passionate.
✓ A candidate must agree to travel to Turkey for contest.

About Youth World Cup’21

Youth World Cup is an attempt to endorse and acknowledge the tireless contributions of youth towards United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals along with a new initiative of category in Arts which includes youth influencers; Singers, Models, Painters, Photographers & Media/Social Media (Vloggers Bloggers, Anchors, Youtubers, Social Media Influencers).

Youth World Cup has divided all these fields in 10 categories, as we believe that this is future for sustainable world. Global Peace Chain will select best individuals from around the globe in their respective fields on the basis of Public/Judges choice to award them cash prizes of up to $20,000, (Grand Prize$10,000+10 prizes of $1000) Certificates, Medals, Funded trip to Turkey and much more!! A total of 50 Contestants (5 quarter finalists for each category 5*10) will be called on funded basis to Istanbul, Turkey for awarding ceremony.

Attend the Youth World Cup as DELEGATE!

If you are not Contesting, you can still apply as Delegate, We have allocated 15 Fully Funded seats for our delegates, One special day will be dedicated for Conference for all the delegates, Delegates will be engaged in Panel Discussions, Peace Stories, Diplomatic Sessions and many more, Additionally 25 Partially Funded seats are also allocated for Delegates. Delegates will also be able to join the Awarding Ceremony day.

As a Delegate of Youth World Cup, you will be able to witness this contestant live as well as to Take Part in Conference taking place in Turkey on Fully|Partially|Self Funded basis.

Do you want to check your UN-SDG and contest category?

The competition will be held in 4 stages as of follows.

1. Group Stage: All the applicants will contest to be their country`s player by Public choice (only one contestant with higher votes will be the country player for one category)
2. Quarter Finals: In phase 2 all the Country's Player will contest in their respective continent/region. Only country with higher votes within their region will be selected as Quarter Finalists. (people`s choice).

3. Semi Finals: All the Quarter Finalists, one from each region, will be given a task to perform community project on his respective category (detailed instructions will be shared via email). All Quarter Finalists will be called to Turkey on funded basis to present their community project. The best from 5 Quarter Finalists will be declared as winner by our international panel of judges, and will be declared as Semi Finalists, Semi Finalists will get a trophy, souvenir, certificates, and $1000 cash prize. National Anthem of the semi finalist will be played as honor. 1st and 2nd Runner up will be awarded with certificates and souvenir of silver/bronze plated medal.
4. Finals: Out of 10 Semi Finalists, one will be chosen as finalists on the basis of marks obtained by a specific formula written below.
30% People Choice (Collective from group stage and Quarter Finalists) +60% Judges Choice (Marks in Semi-finalists)+10% social media Campaign from Start.
Perks will be distributed as per following chart.

I am sure you are enthralled by now! Are you curious as to how one should apply?

How to Apply?

Worry not, we have your back. All you need to do is:

1. If you want to apply as Contestant please click on this link of application form


A four steps Application form will appear.

Step i. (Basic Information)

This page is to create your profile. Select your country, write your email address and choose a unique password. Select CONTESTANT and click on the NEXT button to enter your details.

Step ii. (Submit Your Profile)

Put your details, attach the asked documents, attach your profile picture (Make Sure the quality of picture is good, the same picture will be used for your Posters, Magazine and Publications).
After completion of your application form click on next button to pay Application fee which is 40$.

Step iii. (Choose Payment Method)

At this page you may select PAYPAL or Debit Card as per your ease, Check the Terms & Condition by clicking on I AGREE and click on Proceed button.
You can use any bank Card for the transaction, if your transaction declines, Contact your Bank to activate your International Transaction and Internet Session.
Don't forget to capture a Screen Shot of your transaction for further Process.

Step iV. (Submit)

After Transaction is successful Click on BACK button, you will be redirected to an application form. Attach your Screenshot of Payment and click on Submit Button.


Once your application is successfully submitted, your profile will be created on, and your application status will be updated within 48 hours.
You will receive an email, in which your Page Weblink will be shared, Use the same link to Share on your Social Media Profiles to attract more Voters.
You are all set to start collecting votes till September 20th, 2021. Make sure you collect the maximum votes in order to qualify for the Quarter Finals to be your country's Player.

After results of PHASE 1 or GROUP STAGE, if you are selected as Country Player which means you have got maximum vote in your country, you will be competing with all country players of your region/continent! Ultimately, this competition will qualify your entrance in PHASE 2 or Quarter Finals.

2. You can also Apply as Delegate by following the same procedure, however at first Step, Chose Delegate instead of Contestant and proceed.