Can I bring my friends?

No, but if they have applied for the event, they can attend the ceremony.

What is the expected weather at the time of the summit in Turkey?

Turkey has an average temperature of 20 Celsius/ 68 Fahrenheit during the month of October.

Can I apply for contestant and participant both?

Yes, you can apply for both contestant and participants. However, rules for both applications are different.

Can I apply for multiple categories?

Yes, you can apply in multiple categories as per your UNSDG.

Can I get sponsorship letter to get sponsors for my community project?

Yes, when you are selected as quarter finalist, an official letter from GPC will be issued to you for your community project.

Can I withdraw my application after being selected as country`s players or getting top position in my country?

Yes, in that case, contestant with 2nd most votes will be selected for further contest.

Can someone else present my project as finalists?

No, as per policy, contestant needs to present his/her project himself/herself. However, he can ask any other person from participants for assistance.

Does Global Peace Chain assist delegates travel plan?

Yes. Global Peace Chain introduces official travel partner ''MAPS Global Tours'' which will assist delegates of each category to plan their trip.

How Global Peace Chain will ensure safety of delegates due to Pandemic Covid-19?

Global Peace Chain management will ensure venue disinfection, routine fever testing, social distancing, gloves, mask and hands sanitizer facilities following Turkish Government guidelines.

What are important dates to remember?

September 05, 2021: Last date to apply as Contestant.

September 20, 2021: Voting Deadline for Phase 1.

September 25, 2021: Voting Deadline for Phase 2.

September 26, 2021: Last date to apply as delegate. 

September 27, 2021: Announcement of Super 50 Global (Top 50 Contestants from 10 categories)

September 28, 2021: Results of Delegates.

October 27th-30th, 2021. Conference and Awarding Ceremony.



What do you mean by Activity Pictures and Video?

For all the Contestants, GPC will produce a Nomination video, for that we require your pictures that shows your engagement in community or likewise work, also a 5 sec video clip of doing so. for an idea you may click HERE to watch a sample video. 

What if I am fail to win in continent but have won in country?

If you have won country top position in your respective category, you will be invited to witness event World Cup 2021. Country players/ or top position holders will be awarded with medals. 

What if I am selected for semi-finalist and withdraw my application?

Yes, in that case, country with 2nd highest votes will be selected for further contest.

What if I do not have a passport?

It is highly recommended that all applicants hold a valid passport in order to travel. But, you can apply by attaching your National ID in the passport section and purchase a passport until results are announced. Your privacy is our top priority. These details will be safe and secure with Global Peace Chain.


What if I live in other country but I have nationality of any other country, can I apply on the behalf of my residential country?

Yes, you can apply on the basis of your national country.

What is difference between Delegates & Contestants?


Those who are competing globally to win Cash Prizes of $20,000 and Awards. 



Those who are not competing but they will Participate the four days Peace Conference,  Young Leaders day and awarding ceremony. There are 15 fully funded and 25 Partially Funded seats in this category. 

What is Eligibility to apply?

1. Youth between 16-40 of age.

2. Open minded,highly motivated and passionate.

3. Students,young professionals are encouraged to apply.

4. Dedicated to achieve United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

What is Selection Criteria for delegate’s category?

Selection committee will evaluate your application basis on your social achievements and allocate the best fit category to your application. The result will be on purely merit.

Will Global Peace Chain provide visa services?

Global Peace Chain will only provide visa guide and does not guarantee any visa to any category of delegates.