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Qanita Putri Imara

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Qanita Putri Imara is a young activist who is active in disability empowerment activities, especially for young women. She is active in conducting socialization to promote disability rights so that they are equal in receiving the legal policy. In this sense, there are still several regulations in the disability qanun (Local Law) drafted by the Aceh government of Indonesia that are burdensome for disabilities, and these need to be updated. In 2020, Qanita became one of the delegates from 9 Asian countries at the Disability Rights Convening, in Colombo, Sri Lanka to discuss the life of disability and also talk about the rights of women with disabilities in Aceh, Indonesia. In addition, she also carried out socialization of reading the Braille Qur'an, workshops, and Disaster Risk Reduction simulations for women with disabilities in marginalized areas of Aceh and also became a team for providing basic necessities (groceries) during the pandemic. During the pandemic, she also conducted various socialization related to COVID-19 for women and children with disabilities who had never received any socialization from the government about How to survive during Covid-19. Some things that have been done by Qanita are an effort to be able to achieve the goal of SGDs 4 that related to education for disabilities and also SDGs 5 of equality for women, especially with disabilities. She continues to do various things to get the attention of the government to realize the points of the SGDs, and she will still continue to fight for the rights of disability.

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