Global Peace Chain envisions to build resilience by cultivating a culture of tolerance, consonance, inclusivity, interfaith harmony, co-existence, love and social peace building across the border. We affirmed that this is only possible through peace education, interactive sessions as well as peace talks with society stakeholders such as diplomats, religious scholars, and community-based groups/organizations. The engagement of these influential social groups with our Global Peace Ambassadors is quite crucial to achieve Global Peace Mission.


The world we are living is vulnerable to mania, hysteria , social Injustice , abhorrence, religious intolerance and cultural ethnicity. The frantic rise of Xenophobia, hate crimes, religious and social conflicts has paradigm the accelerating apprehensions causing disrupted Peace Prosperity. It is estimated that in the last century approximately 120 million people lost their lives due to wars, conflicts and Injustice. It is still uncontrollably pursuing and leading uncertainty in the world. Only the vibrant world youth can make a difference by advocating peace, enforcing social and peace reforms and procure peace Education.


Global Peace Chain aspires to assemble the youth all over the world for a unanimous Peace Mission to sign a Petition stated as “PEACE BY DIALOGUE”

The petition signifies the solely mode of Peace achievement that is not other than Peace Dialogue. Through our Global Peace Ambassadors, we intended to reach out our communities, covey the message of peace significance and equipped our fellow youth to stand for Peace.

The major concern is to lead an impactful campaign in order to engage different stakeholders, diplomats, world Professionals and students in Peace talks and seminars to achieve Peace stability.

Who we are

Global Peace Chain is a worldwide Peace building organization established on July 02,2018 and have Head Office in United States of America and Regional Offices in Pakistan, Nepal, Burundi and Mauritius for reinforcing Youth leadership and development. The chain symbolizes the thread of diversity, inclusivity, harmony, co-existence and compassion. As an influential network, we are galvanizing the youth to ample their voices against social injustice, cultural ethnicity and religious intolerance.

We, as Peace keepers have extended our domains to advocate human rights and UN Sustainable development goals. Together, we are firmed to exterminate hate speech, violence, Xenophobia, religious discrimination and conflicts by establishing Peace dialogue within different regions of the world.