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West Borneo Indonesia, Zufarnesia or popularly called Zufar is a young man from Medan, North Sumatra Indonesia. He grew and developed into one of the Youth Leaders in North Sumatra who raised his name through various organizations. Zufar is active in organizations related to Youth, Education and Social Affairs. He is also the holder of the Shotokan Karate Black Belt and often contributes achievements in the field of sports, Zufar is currently active as a leader and social activities in several organizations in Indonesia, especially in North Sumatra. In the world of politics, he once joined a
Political parties of the government coalition in Indonesia.

Zufar acknowledged the importance of the involvement of individuals, especially youth, in the structuring of society. To be independent, impartial and honest, these are some of the attributes needed to build a strong foundation. Amid countless violence and difficulties experienced by people throughout the world.

With the intention of finding solutions at the intersection of youth, education, social and politics while fighting injustice, reducing human suffering, and inspiring our human hearts and voices that are connected to speak freely and act responsibly for the world, he aspires to collaborate and join international organizations as a whole. To voice justice and peace for those who have been silenced, and to achieve a status that is recovering well for countries affected by war, ethnic cleansing, religious violence & discrimination.

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