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Zenani Ndzinisa

Zenani Ndzinisa


Zenani Ndzinisa is a 27 year old Swati female who is motivated by positive changes around her and personal growth of other people. She studied Counseling and she is a Founding member and project Administrator in a local Non Governmental Organization. Moreover she is a Young African Leaders Initiative alumni, with a certificate in Civic Leadership. Not only that, but She is also a Peace Rebel with the World Peace Initiative and is also involved with other Organizations in her Community and is the executive Secretary of the youth in her Community.
She is passionate about youth development, fighting for human rights for every human being regardless of their gender, social status amongst other things and she strives in taking part in ensuring that peace and stability prevails in the world.
Zenani has chosen this work because she believes that people need to come together, be open minded, empower each other and share innovative ideas about their positive goals and aspirations. Consequently, she believes that issues like gender inequality, exclusion of everyone especially in policy and decision making are curbed and every opportunities can be gotten by merit.
As a Young leader, she has strong courage to advocate for peace because she believes that a peaceful world means stable economy and a good wellbeing of the people and that people have to live in harmony and embrace each other, regardless of race or gender and that the future that people hope for is really in their hands and it’s up to them to make things happen.
Zenani has particular interest in being the Global Peace Chain Country Director because it’s a great platform learn more about tolerating each other and building and maintaining peace she would have her leadership vision enhanced by other like minded and strong willed people. Getting insightful experiences is her motivation.
She believes that the world can be a better place for generations to come.
“A great leader reaches for the hearts and souls of people in a way that nobody else can.”

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