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Yvonne Barrow

Yvonne Barrow


A social advocate that adds value to lives by sowing seeds for change in gender equality and peace building. The role of Global Peace Ambassador requires an ambivalent that continues to develop the skills of public speaking, facilitation/training, advocacy, coaching, networking and lastly a mediator. As a maverick individual, these skills have been displayed throughout my profession in crime, child sexual abuse and my eight years of volunteering. The experience attained ranges from Faith Based Organization, Civil Society Organizations, Non-Government Organizations and the Government of Guyana. My bold nature affords and contributions me the opportunity to represent my organizations on the media, locally, regionally and internationally. These experiences are used to enhance my advocacy skills for change in community and of policies. With a passion for social justice, as I represent the marginalized and juveniles, my skills of networking were stretched for effective programme implementation. As outreach and communication officer at Blossom Inc, it is my responsibility to educate the targeted Indigenous villages about child sexual abuse. This is done through workshops, films and drama. There is continuous community engagement with village leaders and the Ministry of Indigenous People’s Affairs. As a citizen employed in the crime sector, this enhanced my understanding of the law and rate violence within communities. It is my belief that my exposure and skills will assist me to be an effective ambassador with projects that touches lives and by extension the community

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