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Yunis Donalde Jose Moreno Cabeza

Yunis Donalde Jose Moreno Cabeza


I am 18 years old and have recently completed my high school education. I like to train myself constantly and provide content to others. I am convinced that through education the world can be transformed and that it is a fundamental tool to conquer peace. In recent years I have had the opportunity to do volunteer work and get to know the reality of other people, which has motivated me to work to transform those realities in some way. By working also through coexistence and peace I have visualized a different world that we can build, it is not an easy task but it depends on every good action we do. These spaces are a very good platform not only to acquire tools and grow personally, but also to make visible the situation of others and the actions that each one carries out from their spaces to help in the transformation of that situation.

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