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VOUOFO GAPGUEU Brondon Niguel is a young and dynamic Cameroonian, 27 years old, residing in Burundi. Doctoral student in general medicine in Burundi.
Since 2013, he has been a junior member of the United Nations for Cameroon
In 2014, it was United Nations High Commissioner for Cameroon Chief of the Health Commission -Cameroon
He was in 2016: Vice President of Rotaract Bujumbura Tanganyika in Burundi. He has edited several projects on behalf of Cameroon and Burundi associations and foundations.
In 2017-2018 he was President of Rotaract Bujumbura Tanganyika -Rotary International, he developed the 2017-2018 action plan, he coordinated Rotaract humanitarian projects on peace and humanitarian
In 2019, he was coordinator of Humanitarian and Peace projects
He has been certified in several training in Project Management: development (France) University of Lille 2017 Training on Leadership and Management. 2018 Training in emergency medicine and disaster in Africa.2016 SMUR France Lariboisière hospital. Responsible Leadership Training on Transparency and Good Governance. Effective Communication Training for Positive Results .2018
Training courses on local and international peace role of youth in building peace nonviolent communication for peacebuilding youth participation in 2018 decision-making First aid and disaster training International Red Cross 2014 Training in International Humanitarian Law (IHL) ICRC 2014 He is also a member of the African Network of Project Management Professionals.

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