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Virna Alejandra Chacon Rivera

Virna Alejandra Chacon Rivera

El Salvador

My name is Virna Rivera from El Salvador, I lived in an area where there´s gang members & since I was 15 years
old I stared working through the church in different programs to help youth people o leave that, what’s really hard
because poverty & a non opportunities are the factor that until now exist I learnt a lot from each person I worked at that moment them I moved myself ad volunteer from different organizations like TECHO internations or Glassing to help youth to people to generate new opportunities to see light where the did not see it, them I moved to another organization and stared as English teacher for kids from different communities I learned a lot worth those kids and through out all the process I went thru to understand that as youth we have to elevate our voices and make local governments understand that working for a sustainable development and listening youth ideas and option to really reach it is the best way, now I stared my own organization named in Spanish Mentes Jóvenes for where we work youth and all the work we do is without any money because what moves us is to create a better future for this generations a sustainable country, more transparent governments.

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