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Vasil Navumau

Vasil Navumau


Vasil Navumau is a highly motivated and experienced civic activist, researcher, and policy analyst, who is currently looking the way to expand his international network and increase practice-oriented knowledge in the ways to build peace and contribute to sustainable development in his home country. Proficient in the methods of building interaction between civil society and government, as well as raising funds for good cause, he is interested in bringing in Belarus the best practices of making positive change from around the world.

As a civic activist, who took part in all the major protest actions in Belarus between 2001 and 2011, he fully realizes the importance of the peace building process in his home country. First, he tried to reach the aims of changing the social and political situation in his home country via the means of contentious politics, but since 2011, he is implementing another approach, based on the promotion of new, more transparent citizen-centered public administration system, proceeding from e-government idea. He believes that his extensive knowledge of Belarusian political, social, and economic processes, as well as experience of building social dialogue between various Belarusian stakeholders, could be useful for the Peace Chain community.

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