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Valery Salas

Valery Salas


Valery Salas Flores is a Peruvian student of Industrial Engineering at PUCP. She is currently an SDG trainer by UN Volunteers and has trained +100 young leaders from different regions of Peru. Also, she has been a speaker at the National Congress of Peruvian Industrial Engineering Students for +3000 participants where she talked about youth commitment towards the achieving of the 2030 Agenda (especially in SDG 13) and her experience as a youth advocate for SDG 13.

She was first interested in increasing ambition towards a joint climate action under the Paris Agreement and SDG 13 of the 2030 Agenda, after passing as Youth Environmental Promoter in the Peruvian Ministry of Environment. There, she successfully led youth campaigns towards empowering and educating Peruvians about climate change concepts, science, and negotiations for COP 20 and COP 21. In 2018, she co-founds the Talanoa Peru Project: a youth-led project that seeks to educate and empower youth to take concrete actions towards climate change in their local communities; and generate a space for a dialogue regarding the situation of Peru and climate change through the Talanoa Dialogue as Peru is one of the most vulnerable countries to climate change in the world. She co-organized the first Peruvian Talanoa Youth Dialogue with +30 young leaders of environmental youth organizations, generating an official input for the political phase of the Talanoa Dialogue. As a result, organizations from +12 Peruvian subregions were encouraged to raise their contributions to the UNFCCC Talanoa Dialogue Platform and a National Youth input was submitted. Whatsmore, +3 countries of Latinamerican Region replicated the methodology and submitted their inputs too.

Thanks to all this youth mobilization, she was awarded the Global South Scholarship 2018 to attend COP24 and COY14 in Katowice, Poland. There, she participated in meetings with UN Youth Envoy, President of General Assembly, and the Secretary-General of the United Nations as an active YOUNGO member co-leading the Talanoa Working Group. Also, she was part of the Climate Action Studio of UNFCCC, sharing the Talanoa Peru Project experience and was selected to be the youth representative in the political phase of the Talanoa Dialogue with ministries and heads of states.

This year, she has already contributed to the UN Major Group of Children and Youth (UNMGCY) Focus Group for the UN Youth Strategy. Also, she has been a facilitator at UNMGCY Youth Blast 2019 for ECOSOC Youth Forum 2019 in New York City. As part of her plans towards following up the review of SDG 13 at the High-Level Political Forum, she participated at ECOSOC Youth Forum and was selected rapporteur of the Climate Session.

Back to her country, she is currently advising the Fridays For Future Peruvian Chapter towards linking climate strikes with UNFCCC negotiations to demand concrete actions of the Peruvian Government by raising its ambition in its NDCs. Furthermore, she is now working for the successful development of the World Conference of Youth (COY) about climate change that is going to take place in Chile previous COP25.

An active member of the Latin-American and the Caribbean Youth Climate Movement, she is currently developing her thesis on a management tool for regional authorities in Peru to plan the infrastructure and basic services needed, their dimensions and localization considering the population growth towards 2030 for the cities. This, in order to establish the priorities of public investment linked with indicators of the SDGs and to contribute directly to the 2030 Agenda considering that Peru, is one of the most vulnerable countries to climate change in the world.

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