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Mohomed Hanfaz Haroon

Mohomed Hanfaz Haroon

Sri Lanka

Mohomed Hanfaz Haroon Born on 1997 January 10th in Sri Lanka. Who already recognized as a Youngest Scientist, Youngest innovator, Global youth peace ambassador and prospective youth leader in the global context and received 2 international awards behalf of Sri Lanka in the past. In August 2016 He has completed his secondary higher studies the subjects that are Economics, political science and information technology. This has given him a range of practical capabilities. While his secondary higher studies He started to do volunteering in united nation friendship organization in Sri lanka not only in united nation He started to work with alcohol and drug information centre as a creative director for youth in Srilanka. This position has given him key employability skills while also allowing him to experience working in a professional and fast-paced work environment . With regard to his ability to meet the specific skills requirements.
1.Undergraduate Student Bachelors in Computer Science
2.Srilankan youth goodwill ambassador ( appointed as a Sri lankan united nation friendship organization ambassador from 2014 – present )
2.Youngest Scientist awarded by Dr.Abdul kalam for innovating a Robotic machine for Disabled Patients.
3.Alcohol and drug information centre srilanka ( 2015-present working as a creative director for youths in srilanka )
4. Interactor
5.youth chief divisional coordinator ( in sustainable development goals in srilanka 2017-2019 )
6.Global peace ambassador in global peace chain 2018-2019
7.volunteer and adviser in India-srilanka youth exchange programs 2017-2020
8.Founder of Raise up for Millions
9.Global youth peace ambassador awarded in Maldives 2019 collaboration with ministry of youth and community
10.National Youth Icon of the year 2019 in New Delhi organized by International Youth Committee 2019
11.Nominee of Nobel Citizen Award 2019
12.Nominated and selected for best Youngest Scientist award 2021 organized by National Education Brilliance Award 2021.
13.srilanka official Delegate in South Asia Youth Summit 2018
14.Official Delegate in Open government Partnership in Canada ottawa 2019
15.UN Habitat Participation Certificate for best Survey
16.Nominee of Nobel Achiever in Asia’s No.1 Award in srilanka he have recommended for his high level of interpersonal skills and natural engaging personality.

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