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Tariq Alferis

Tariq Alferis


Tariq Alferis is a Medical student that Completed 5-year college degree and Graduate from College of Business Administration and pharmacology. Although he loves his fields of study he felt like something was missing. At university, they teach you the theory but they don’t give you a chance to put your knowledge into practice that’s what makes him believe in the statement that every voice counts and he think that a single individual can make a change in society. The change does not necessarily mean something life-changing but it can mean a small investment that contributes to a larger cause.
Furthermore, he has been volunteer in different organization And very active in civil society such as Social innovation, environment, diversity, equality, positive communication he get engaged in international issues that are beyond his community because he part of the whole world and he cares about the other beyond his circle he learned that he still have to do a lot of things in his country, and be more socially engaged, he works directly to Strengthen and spread high-quality peer-to-peer education in the field of adolescent sexual and reproductive health (SRH) and HIV prevention with y _peer network and he is proud to have chance to be country repressive for team 54 project and blue luxury investment that gives him the light to founder his youth 4 sustainable developmental goals organization which focus to learn and exchange ideas among the developed communities.

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