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Taljaard Uaputauka

Taljaard Uaputauka


Taljaard Uaputauka is a 35 year old multi-tasking Senior Primary Teacher with a combined +/- 13 years of teaching experience in both the private and public sector.  He is a true personification of  transformation in leadership and lives by the principles of Good Governance, Integrity, Transparency and Accountability.

In addition, to ensure universal social justice for all he strongly advocates for Civic Education, Gender Equality, Human Rights and the Rule of Law, Sustainable Development Goals, and Equal Opportunities for All and, Youths Inclusion, Education and Empowerment.

Mr. Uaputauka is in possession of a Basic Education Diploma with the Windhoek College of Education (Namibia). Recently, he completed an Advanced Diploma in Management with the Southern Business School (South Africa). Currently, he pursuing a Bachelor in Business Administration with the same institution.

Through hard work and determination, he is engaged and representing his country Namibia

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