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South Africa

I am passionate about the empowerment of young women to become the best people they can be. This empowerment is through education, the ability to speak for themselves, and the recognition of their basic human rights. I am mostly passionate about the empowerment of young women to have access to quality education because that is what one of the Sustainable Development Goals aspires to achieve. I believe that the education of a girl has a profound impact on the rest of the community. Additionally, the second reason why I am passionate about the empowerment of young women is because I have personally seen the strength and patience they have for other people from my own mother. My mother is not an educated woman (she never went to University) however, I have seen how she carries her community in her shoulders. She serves people food on Sundays and provides strangers with bread on a weekly basis. Although she works as a cleaner and has her own responsibilities and things she has to priorities; she has gracefully managed to do so without forsaking her community. I would like that women are empowered to know about their rights because where I come from many young girls are sexually, emotionally and physically abused and remain silent because they are made to believe that a man that hits them loves them. Furthermore, I am also passionate about the education of young Africans in general. This is because I have seen the liberation from poverty, slavery and struggle happen in my own life through education. I grew up in a rural area before I moved to the city of Cape Town. The place had two schools and no library, nor did it have a computer lab. When I finally moved to the township in Cape Town where my mother had moved, I was so behind compared to other young people my age. I didn’t know how to communicate in English at age 13, I had never used a computer before and I struggled to read. I was lucky for having the opportunity to access those facilities after moving to the city.

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