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Shazam Somwar

Shazam Somwar


Shazam Somwar is a 23 year old 3rd year medical student studying at the Greenheart Medical University in Guyana, South America. It has been a dream of Somwar to study medicine ever since. In addition to his academia, Somwar has been a active member of society since 2013 when he founded a suicide prevention awareness project with a few friends, having success from this he was a part of an environmental project and later that year he joined Global Youth Movement Guyana and became the secretary, while his position was short lived, he became a member of Rotaract Club of New Amsterdam where he served as the secretary and represented Guyana in Trinidad and Tobago for a leadership training. Due to his early years of activism, Somwar had grown fond of his work and he kept on doing what he sees best for his community and country. In 2018 and 2019 he represented Guyana at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City for a human rights summit organized by Youth for Human Rights International and he is now the president for Youth for Human Rights Berbice Guyana Chapter. Somwar was also given the chance to speak at the United Nations in 2019 on the work he is doing in Guyana and plans for the future. In 2019, he was also awarded the Ignite Caribbean 2019 30 Under 30 Caribbean Emerging Leadership Award in Washington D.C. this was his first international award that came from his work starting in 2013 up to that time. Shazam is set to launch his very own organization soon in memory of his late grandfather. The goals of Somwar are to finish medical school so he can be of service to his country, continue advocating for mental health, human rights education and peace as he believes that conquering these aspects can lead to better lives for citizens which will then eventually lead to a better country.

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