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Sara Yasin

Sara Yasin


Sara Yasin was born 18th August year 2000 and grew up in a family of an educated engineer father, an uneducated loving mother and four siblings. Life was hard in the motherland of Somalia and was hence forced to move. The whole family but Sara’s father immigrated to Sweden when she was 9 years old. Immigrating to a new country changed her life in a way she never thought of. She grew up as a person and learned a lot from the different cultures she encountered in the country. Growing up in the poorest neighbourhood in her city, she was taught that some people strive harder because of the biases that pulled them down.

At the age of 14, many of her friends started taking the wrong decision and decided to follow the wrong path. That’s when she woke up from her childhood dream and decided to make a change as well as taking a different path. In order to pull her friends, neighbours and acquaintance from their misery. She became apart of an organisation, and wanted to become a part of the society. She became a part of Unga Örnar organisation and started a homework help for kids in that neighbourhood. Other things she continued doing were practicing sport when everyone was stopping and investing more time in her school. By starting many other global projects, she was trying to be an example and let her friends follow her. And after a few years, she succeeded. Many immigrant children in her neighbour were looking at the bigger picture. They learned that didn’t need to become like their parents, nor live like criminals. For Sara, that was the biggest achievement she ever could’ve dreamt of. Equality between youth letting every single one know that they matter for the bigger change.

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