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Sabina Enu-Kwesi

Sabina Enu-Kwesi


Sabina Enu-Kwesi is a final year student majoring in the Master of Arts Development Studies
program from the University of Ghana after earning a degree in Political Science with a minor in
French. She hopes to use her specialty and knowledge to create real passion and drive for solving
world problems aimed towards the attainment of the Sustainable Development Goals especially
conflicts and wars that adversely affect humanity throughout the world.
She takes her passion seriously and endeavors to put her best to make sure that any activity or
mission she is involved in/with becomes a success. Hard work and punctuality are just a few of
the traits she possesses which will make working with her in a team an utmost joy and
pleasurable experience. Even though she is fairly young, she has shown dedication to every
project she has been involved in, particularly community service.
Sabina will actively engage in discussions and talks to help address the root causes of conflicts
that impede development and create conditions that will foster security, peace and harmony
which will be beneficial to the society and the world at large.
She will also incorporate her knowledge in the field which will ensure that the desired objectives
are actualized. As a professional, she will ensure that, the mission grows to new heights and be
engaging as well.

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