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Roma Fleischer

Roma Fleischer

I am a graduate of Aberystwyth University in the United Kingdom with a Bachelor of Arts in International Politics. In the future, I am planning to obtain a Master’s Degree in Humanitarian Aid and work in that field.
My interest in the area of human rights and humanitarian issues started in high school back in my hometown in Poland when I got engaged with the work of Amnesty International. I believe that human rights work is vital to ensure the equality of people in the world and help everyone achieve their potential without any disadvantages. In December 2016, I single-handedly organised a ‘Write-for-rights’ event at my high school to raise awareness about the state of human rights in the world and write letters and crowdfund money for those whose human rights are at risk. I have also been a Chair of the Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Committee at the Model United Nations Conference in Olsztyn, Poland – where I conducted proceedings concerning the topic of the refugee crisis and led the delegates to create two resolutions for those issues.
My main interests are Global Inequality, Human Rights and Humanitarian Aid.
As a country director of Poland, I would like to get involved in calling out the lack of rule of law in Poland as well as the discriminative policies pursued by the government of Poland, especially towards the LGBT community. I believe that a united stance of the international community may exert pressure on the Polish government to back down on its hurtful policies.
 Being a country director means for me to cooperate with others on creating and strengthening peace as well as standing up to injustice anywhere in the world and working out solutions that are sustainable for everyone.

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