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Riyadh Kaiser

Riyadh Kaiser


Riyadh is a name among millions who struggled, failed and surged ahead in search of success, happiness and contentment. His story of self-transformation itself is an inspiration! From a stammering person, he has transformed himself into an International Inspirational Speaker & a Self-help Educator. He is the Co-founder of World Happiness & Peace Foundation, which has been working to educate students on developing compassion, empathy, gratitude, tolerance, humility, humanity, sense of oneness and other essential human attributes, those can shape our world’s future. So far, he has conducted over 70 Self-help & Self-development sessions and inspired about 10,000 students & youth of Bangladesh, Nepal, Malaysia, Indonesia, Turkey & UK. He was selected to attend many international conferences & seminars on SDGs and other pressing global issues, where he conducted self-help sessions too on “Changing Our Thoughts for the World We All Want”.He is an adviser to Global Network for Sustainable Development (GNSD), a USA based NGO and to Asian Education Network (AEN). Riyadh has over 12 years of working experiences with Bangladesh Army, Standard Chartered Bank & Logistics Industry. He holds an MBA in Human Resource Management from Institute of Business Administration, Dhaka University. He is an NLP Trainer as well; He is passionate about self-transformation and helping others grow! He helps people define their own happiness & success, discover their inner potentials, change their thoughts for living a life that matters, that has a meaning and that impacts many other lives.

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