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Riestario Kurnia Thodiansyah

Riestario Kurnia Thodiansyah


Hello everyone! I’m Rio and i’m really excited to be part of the GPA Family! I’m really passionate about diplomacy because in diplomacy you can learn about international issues, negotiation, other countries interest and culture, and many more! I have a dream, where i get to represent my country in joining hands with others countries in bringing peace to the world, development, and of course prosperity. And to achieve it, i will do my best in providing all of my heart and soul in GPA I’m currently in the last grade of highschool. I used to be a part of 5 organization in my school (One of them being the student council). I learned a lot in student council especially in public speaking and critical thinking, i’m also used to lead situations in those 5 organizations and usually be the secretary of an important event

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