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Razvane Alaa Arbia

Razvane Alaa Arbia


My name is ARBIA Razvane Alaa. I am an Algerian/French media & communications professional graduated with a MA degree in Strategic Marketing from The University of Arts of London, a Master 2 Degree in International Management, an American BBA in International Marketing with minors in Doing Business in Asia and Korean Politics & Diplomacy from The American Business School of Paris.

I am honoured to present my interest towards the ambassador for peace programme. Thanks to my previous academic experiences I was able to contribute as a researcher and specialist in the Asian market with a focus on consumers & social behaviours, cultural communications, politics & entrepreneurship. My Algerian background also allowed me to develop an interest towards the same disciplines in the MENA region.

I have been cultivating a strong interest towards the adaptation of communications strategies across markets and the impact of medias to communicate around culture, society and politics. This pushed me to contribute internationally as a digital advertising campaigns manager, contributor & journalist for independent media platforms & agencies, marketing & communications strategies consultant.

My undeniable passion towards culture and languages pushed me to learn several languages. Indeed, I am fluent in French, English and Arabic. I also master Spanish and German to intermediate level, Korean to a beginner advanced level and have notions of Thai.

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