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Raymond Kaima is a passionate human rights and peace activist from Zambia. He is also a member of the African Union Interfaith Dialogue on Violent Extremism. Having had been involved in-country and regional deliberations and conferences, he now possesses legal research skills and knowledge on ending violence and fostering dialogue and soft approaches to sustain peace. He is a member of the Africa-Europe African Union body of youth leaders in Africa dedicated to combating violent extremism. Further, he is an alumni of the Young African Leaders Initiative, a body empowering African youths to be able to build linkages and find solutions to ending the problems facing Africa, among which peace reigns. Further, he possess mobilization skills and advocacy abilities which are essential in an ambassadorial role. With these skills, he will be able to execute my duties as an Ambassador fully. Peace. Africa bleeds from wounds that her leaders do not care to tackle and solve. He is passionate about her peace most of the wars that are ravaging her are based on his abundant natural resources. If a cadre of youths are equipped with the necessary skills and tools to end violence, as future leaders of the continent, we shall be able to rise from the current situation and be able to bridge a new future for our continent. With the knowledge and skills that he possess, couple with what he will gain from this platform, he will champion the cause by imparting sharing the knowledge with peers and further engage government and other national stakeholders in preaching peace and helping resolving conflicts.

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