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Pratibha Bhattarai

Pratibha Bhattarai


My name is Pratibha Bhattarai. I am from Nepal and currently based in my hometown. I have learned many things while traveling many countries and living in a few of them. I was fortunate enough that I have become more tolerant with all the people I got to meet along the way. My motto in life is, “Spread the love”, Peace! I believe, my skills and experience that I have faced or understood through out my years in my country or when I was living abroad have taught me valuable lesson. Living in United States of America for 7 years as a student and immigrant, which has given me a different insight to different approaches to way of life and work. It has also given me good exposure of international market which has made me very persistent, focused, tolerant (socially, racially, economically, etc.), flexible to changes, open to new ideas (which might come from different traditions, cultures, and believes, etc.) After living in the country of freedom, I had an opportunity to work and live in United Arab Emirates, with people from varied culture and religion have made me resilient, more accepting and even love and respect for various society and culture.

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