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Paulina Irene

Paulina Irene

Paulina Irene Velasquez Ferrufino born in the Bolivian Amazon, from two parents of different cultures; Father of the native Quechua language and mother of the Kavineño dialect of northern Bolivia. She studied the Systems Engineering career, which allowed her, together with the experience of family interculturality, to observe the differences of thoughts and actions of a plurinational state marginalized by racism, racial discrimination, discrimination against women and related forms of interregional intolerance, which led her to want to investigate the 36 cultures of her country and consider technology as an ally in the management of sustainable development projects through training programs in rural communities, native towns and family producers that fulfill different purposes that impact on its realities and communities, through the construction of intersectoral alliances, currently lead as founder the organization of women’s technology network (RMT) at the national level and serves as director of human resources in the organization Milestones of the Border in the project execution of social service to vulnerable people.
She believes that practicing the inclusion of cultural exchange and tolerance can bring people who speak different languages, practice different religions, follow different customs, believe in different values and, therefore, promote harmony. Crucial factors that accelerate the integration of the international community and build a community that advocates for world peace.

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