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Olga Matveieva

Olga Matveieva


Olga represents NGO ‘Ukrainian Expert Foundation’ working in the sphere of sustainable development promoting and peacebuilding in Ukraine as its co-founder and administrator. Activities of NGO include focus studies, workshops and events while formation the regional network of experts and public activists. She has a PhD in public administration, being the associate professor of Dnipropetrovsk Regional Institute for Public Administration under the President of Ukraine. She’s working on social networking, strategic planning and public administration issues for sustainable development within her postdoc research. It’s around progressive development of post-crisis areas through economic, social, institutional and natural capacities of local communities and their proactive youth (students, activists, young entrepreneurs and public servants).
Olga participated in several international conferences while promotion Ukrainian case of social cohesion and advancing public capacities of peacebuilding in Germany, Sweden, Poland, Italy, Singapore. She is the coordinator of 2 regional projects on social cohesion, civic competences and peacebuilding in Dnipropetrovsk region, and International scientific conference on sustainable development (in Dnipropetrovsk Regional Institute for Public Administration under the President of Ukraine); facilitator of internship in government and local self-government institutions for talented youth.
Sphere of her interests includes discovering new cultures and authentic approaches while constructing the model of collective behaviour for a sustainable future in peace and prosperity.

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