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Noha Mahmoud

Noha Mahmoud


My Name is Noha Mahmoud, i am Originally Egyptian, i studied a bachelor degree in English literature at Ain Shams university and then traveled to pursue my master degree in Austria, back to that time i worked in so many different sectors in Egypt, which gave me the chance to be brave enough to travel alone to Europe and to start a new journey and challenge. It wasn’t easy at all in the beginning to start from zero, but i always believed that i am going to be proud of myself one day and not to make my parents regret of accept a female with oriental background to travel all alone to one of the real freedom country with no limits, but i was totally understandable, after so many trials finding jobs opportunities with almost zero German language, i learned the language very well, and had a huge chance to work for one of the biggest and well known Austrian Animal welfare organisation called ( Vier Pfoten) from there i went to many Animals rescue missions for example: during the Flooding season in Myanmar, supported the animal’s owners with the needed food and help, i went also to one of the dangerous places on earth, like Mosul, Iraq and saved animals, which afterwards there was a book writ featuring this story called ( the father of the Lions) and so many News Agencies wrote about us, even Qatar airways granted the organisation a free transport for the Animals from Iraq to Jordan where there was an existing animal sanctuary, one of the rarest missions also was saving animals from The Gaza strip to europe, and here was a hidden peace message is when it comes to save lives, all ways are paved to make it happens , even in the war zones. So i believe there is always a will and nothing is impossible. Now i am very proud after 8 years living in Austria i am now a citizen and my family, friends are proud of me. I also forgot to mention, i am now a mother of two as well. So a woman can do anything to make her dream comes true! At the end i want to say that after being seen by so many as a foreigner who needs so much time to learn, i am now meeting with Ambassadors, Ministers and even got awarded from the Vice president of Myanmar.

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