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Nickool Castro

Nickool Castro

Dominican Republic

Nickool holds a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism with a minor in Political Science, a Graduate Certificate in International Law and Diplomacy, and a Master’s in International Relations with a double minor in Political Theory and Comparative politics. Her expertise and knowledge range from news, feature and investigative journalism to topics related to UNHCR, OHCHR, Humanitarian Response, intercultural cooperation, and youth empowerment to mention a few.

Since 2015, she has participated in relevant international development programs by the Global Peace Foundation, GYLA, and WAY. She has also represented her native countries in various international forums and programs hosted at the United Nations, the World Bank and the US National Constitution Center, with the main objective being the achievement of the 2030 UN SDGs while empowering young leaders to positively impact their respective communities, and the world.

She holds training certificates in Humanitarian Responses, Complex Humanitarian Emergencies, and Positive Leadership from Harvard’s, Concerns Worldwide U.S., International Medical Corps, the United States Agency International Development and IBM Leadership Academy.
Nickool is the co-founder of Dandelion Initiatives NY, an initiative that is committed to the awareness and execution of programs and strategies that contribute to the 2030 UN SDGs in local communities in New York and Latin America. Dandelion Initiatives NY hopes to utilize the resources found in developed countries to help local communities and youth in developing countries around the world.

She has worked with various news organizations, non-profits, and corporal organizations, as a Journalist, Editorial Assistant, Staff Writer, Assistant to the Director of Sales Marketing & Business, Communications Manager and Director.

Nickool is a human rights and animal rights advocate as well as an ethical shopper committed to the achievement of the 2030 UN SDGs. Currently, she is part of two NGOs in the field of international relations, women empowerment and professional advancement.

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