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Ngo Le Huy Hien

Ngo Le Huy Hien


Ngo Le Huy Hien is a young entrepreneur and a social change-maker in Vietnam who
pays tremendous attention to tackling social issues. He yearns to use his specialty and
social entrepreneurship spirit to create a real drive for solving the world problems for
international and regional impact, especially attaining the Sustainable Development
He is honored by his 6 ASEAN and international organizations for his intensive
involvement in solving development goals and entrepreneurship aspects. Even he is still
very young, he actively engaged in empowering 12 social projects and mastered his
As the organizer for 8 events and 8 organizations, Hien made him well-known in the
Asia Pacific region and internationally. His entrepreneurship is also being recognized by
a variety of prizes such as Top 10 Vietnam Creative Business Cup 2017, Top 10 Slush
GIA Vietnam 2017 and Top 10 Project Runway 2017. He is also a social influencer with
more than 22000 followers on his social network.
Coming to Global Peace, Hien will connect with young, talented and dynamic people
around the world working for the peace of society to establish global campaigns on
peacebuilding. He wants to represent for the Vietnamese youth to talk about
Vietnamese people, culture, and country to global friends, as well as to promote the
attention of the peacebuilding and solutions. Hien will actively join the network,
dialogues, and interactive sessions to promote interfaith harmony, love, compassion,
and co-existence among each other.
Consequently, Hien is a desire young entrepreneur who dedicates all the talents and
passion for the society.

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