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ING Keatleng

ING Keatleng


Born as a Khmer-Chinese family, Keatleng has learnt many things
related to both cultures and traditions. Keatleng Ing is a candidate from
Cambodia, one of the South East Asia Nation State with aroud 16 million
of population. From his academic journeys, he had become a leader of
every class that he attended. He has developed himself by joining many
kinds of organization inside and outside the school in order to make changes for
his society. He is also one of the International Relation students from PUC, a well-known
university in Cambodia. In his academic year, he has also volunteered as a teaching assistant of
ASEAN class which is known as one of the important subjects for all students, especially for countries in the region. Beside studying, Keatleng has also experienced in volunteering at local NGOs and International organizations. In his perspective, a good leader is not to produce their followers, but to produce more leaders. Leadership has been one of his strengths and his passion. He believed that every human being has their own uniqueness to contribute to the world. So don’t be shy and let’s start together for a better world.

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