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Mostafa Mohammed Alshewikh

Mostafa Mohammed Alshewikh


Ambassador Mostafa Alshewikh Is the owner of the name, which has long been included in various lists of influential Arab personalities, and one of the most influential in the Arab world and the world, was able to Mostafa Alshewikh during a record period of popular popularity especially among young people, it was easy to access their hearts easily, because he chose to Simplicity is its instrument and method. Where he was a lecturer and a speaker in many forums, seminars and international conferences. Since he was ten years old. He visited many universities inside and outside of Egypt, who was lecturer or learner . He has interests in all fields such as medicine, agriculture, literature, science, genetic engineering, Islamic law, Christianity and Judaism Also keen to learn many languages. He has a lot of research He has also been honored in many forums and has always been ranked first in all the competitions he was participating in. He was selected as Ambassador of United nations Peace Organizations.

He is Mostafa Mohamed Alshewikh an Egyptian young man who has a simple life. He is a student at Al azhar university. Member, Founder and President of many scientific and charitable initiatives aimed at peace.He was eager since his youth to study many fields and learn many languages ​​and he did not exceed 10 years old. He was good at giving speeches in Arabic . this turned into eager of speaking in English. His head was full of ideas to explain his point of view how to live in a peaceful place brother to brother. Really he like his country and his language. This love moves to his world. He joined to Alazhar and students union. He had a lot of courses to widen his horizons and to be able to show his message. He has may certificates to be qualified to represent his country. He plays an important role in the latest conferences for youth which the president held and host alot of young people from all over the world. He makes talks with some of them. He finds out that he wants your help to know more. He believes that everyone needs learning till death…

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