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Mohammed Abbas

Mohammed Abbas


Mohammed Abbas , originally from Kurdistan region – Iraq , Founder of Alliance Of Humanity – AH .He is a youth activist and an entrepreneur.He is working hard giving priority to the children, youths, and women, getting involved in local and international platforms.Mohammed is also the co – founder of World merit Kurdistan.
Alliance for Humanity is a non-for-profit organisation founded by Mohammed Abbas in Kurdish region of Middle East.The work of the organisation is a commitment to the universal and natural value of servitude and service towards humanity through a drastic change coming through a new generation of young people not content with ways of the past and what’s happening today with conflicts and destabilisation of any kindof peace for the whole world.Humanity is in a condition that needs healing and restoration of world peace through its support of a new movement from the hearts of younger generation and our support for it.The change for the future of humanity always belonged to the young generation and we are that.We represent and empower the voices and hearts of the new generation who share a common belief in peace all over the world.Each member of the organisation is empowered to take action for social change towards peace, as has failed so many times before in older generations.The organisation empowers and develops the leadership capacity in succession to bring forward a new world and the change to come.Alliance for humanity is a shared partnership on an international platform over number of countries that believes in creating a world through acceptance, tolerance, and respect.The world at current is in crisis, humankind needs love, healing, and peace, its needs the young generation to propel and leader our future, for our human race, our environment, and to really give what it means to serve humanity.It’s our turn to make the world a better place

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