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Mohammad Ruzain Bin Ismail

Mohammad Ruzain Bin Ismail


Mohammad Ruzain Bin Ismail is a 20-year-old Petroleum Engineering student from Brunei Darussalam. Being an advocate towards a concrete, equitable and peaceful nation, he hopes to be a catalyst in raising awareness and wiring down the knowledge to the local community. Although study is important, Ruzain believes that people should also focus concurrently in non-academic areas. By being adept in a specific scope itself acts as an essential tool for self-development.

While studying, he participates with volunteering, open dialogues, social projects and policy youth review. Ruzain acknowledges how imperative an individual’s involvement is in structuring the society. To be self-driven, non-partisan and honest, these are amongst the attributes needed to build a solid foundation.

Currently Ruzain is involved with several international organizations. Ambassador for International Model United Nations (2019), Global Peace Chain (2019), Impact Summit Fiji 2020 and National Model United Nations Pakistan (2019). A member under Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative, World Youth Forum & Global Citizen Movement. By being a part of these organizations, he hopes to gain insightful experience, exposure as well as establishing a sense of responsibility to create a better world.

Amidst the violence and hardships countlessly suffered from people around the world, Ruzain knows we cannot be silent regarding the issues. He aspires to collaborate and rally with the international community as one. To voice out justice and peace for those who are silenced, and to accomplish a well-recovered status for the nations affected by war, ethnic cleansing, violence & religious discrimination.

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