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Misha Hameed

Misha Hameed

Misha Hameed is currently enrolled as an aspiring student of Human nutrition and Dietetics in University of Lahore. Despite a few setbacks, she didn’t let her passion for education weaken, it only made her more clear and steadfast regarding what she wanted. It made her a go getter to achieve the goals she had always dreamt of. She strives to put out a message to minimize the use of medications and increase the dietary remedies which are more beneficial. Her personal research includes minimizing the carbon footprint associated with peoples’ diets.
She always felt connected to the needy and less privileged, therefore, she has selflessly engaged herself in countless welfare projects like organizing free nutritional camps in underdeveloped areas and volunteering in several fundraising activities for orphans. Working for the sake of humanity has always stirred a strong sense of achievement in her which motivates her to do more. She’s always finding ways to put her piece in the puzzle. She never misses any opportunity that could bring her one step closer to achieve that bigger purpose.
Her commitment to the society moves her to work with different organizations and NGO’s, working with people from different cultures, customs and religions, helping her learn more about her own strengths. She has worked with SDGs, Nouman International and Hashoo Foundation. Meanwhile, she has also been a part of several international conferences.

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