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Mialinirina Zoelisoa

Mialinirina Zoelisoa


I am a girl guide and girl scout of Madagascar for any decades now, and recently I am volunteer at Fanilon’i Madagasikara a Catholic girl guide Association which closely linked to the World Association of Girl Guide and Girl Scout (WAGGGS). At my local community I am the district chairboard of young women in Fanilon’i Madagasikara. I am really passionate about volunteer work. I have been working on for 6 years now with Fanilon’i Madagasikara Association. It passionates me further because of wide platform that it sets in my work. Volunteering allow me to work freely, aware me that I am a global citizen and can do anything to change the life of others and mine. I dedicate mostly this volunteer work to girls and women in my country who are still considered as « second class citizens. Thus, gender equality, violence against girls and women together with women’s empowerment are in grassroots of depth poverty of my country. And it put Madagascar in depth poverty that exposed community with insecurity and unsafe space. I am also passionate about because it helps building my confidence and my self-esteem so as to reach my goal. But also, its easiness to connect my fields of expertise and intersts with community development projects.

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