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Mesfin Asfha Abadi

Mesfin Asfha Abadi


Mesfin Asfha is a young Eritrean leader with a vision having a strong sense of commitment and purpose who believes in synergy and team work. Mesfin graduated a Bachelor degree in Political Science and International Relations from the College of Arts and Social Sciences in 2012 with great distinction. Mesfin has over seven years of experience in the community development sector, specifically focusing on empowering young leaders on making peace and stability. Moreover, Mesfin is the alumni of YALI RLC, East Africa and Mandela Washington Fellow. He also awarded different fellowship like Mandela Washington Fellowship, YALI East Africa, Amanda Youth Peace Fellowship , World Youth Forum fellowship, Civil Society Leadership Award and Africa Presidential Leadership Program. Mesfin is driven by his commitment to social justice and one day he hopes to witness a completely liberated and equal society. His main passionate for being global ambassador of peace because Mesfin’s plan to continue his work in peace building with a focus on advocacy for the peace and reconciliation foundation with young African leaders. Mesfin see himself as peace-built leader and an advocate for peace, sympathy with civil society and a leader for change on the principles of “vision, impact and change.”

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