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Mehari Fisseha

Mehari Fisseha


Mehari Fisseha is a scholar and expert in migration, Diplomacy, Peace and Conflict. With a background in International human rights law and International relations, he holds an LLB (Law and European Studies), an MComm in Government & Public Policy, MA in Peacebuilding and a
PhD in Migration Studies. Mehari is a passionate advocate on Human Rights, Development issues, Peace and mediation with a focus on Ethiopia, Eritrea and South Sudan. He is also interested in the reform of the United Nations. His academic work is driven by his commitment to empowerment and ‘betterment’ of the powerless (people, communities), often invisible in the eyes of policy makers, in that policies ignore their very ‘realities’. Mehari has received many awards. Among these are: A recipient of MO Ibrahim Foundation residential school on Governance and development in Africa, a recipient of European Academy of Diplomacy award for the best candidate in the European diplomacy and foreign policy workshop, a recipient of the Allan & Nesta Ferguson Trust award,the European Graduate School for the Social Sciences (EUSOC) scholarships, the University of Tuebingen & Max Planck Institute for the study of Ethnic Diversity award and finally the Swedish Institute Alexandria and University of Twente award. Mehari also published two books on Responsibility to protect.

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