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Maryia Aliakseyenka

Maryia Aliakseyenka


Hello, everyone, Maryia speaking!
I am belarusian with English, German, French as my foreign languages and Russian, Belarusian are my mothertongues.
I am an interpreter by my Bachelor’s and I did my Master’s in Switzerland in Hospitality Management.
I have 5 years’ experience in freelance and interpreting and 1,5 years in a hotel industry, to be precise. I also have a rich experience in accompanying people as well as volunteering.
And, to be honest, I have been always fascinated by this hospitality sector.
I have had an experience working in this environment for a while and found myself missing it!
Moreover, holding the Swiss Master’s in Hospitality Management and coming from a linguistic background, I am eager to marry them together. Having worked in hospitality, I found a gap in communication that leads to extra losses and people dissatisfaction. This understanding as well as my dedication, empathy & motivation brought me to the UAE for a new career start.

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