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Marios is a youth worker,experienced in peace resolution,conflict management,environmentalism,nature preservation and is currently involved in human rights projects,mainly focused on freedom of speech,internet liberty and digital empowerment.He has studied Electrical and Computer Engineering and currently working as a Cisco Certified Computer Networks Associate.He is majored in Software Development,Digital Youth Work and Engineering Ethics.Presently involved in a research project,in cooperation with Cyprus University of Technology,to investigate the significance and effectiveness of internet activism and how it affects the status quo of a community.

He’s an active member of multiple non governmental organizations which encourage peace and unity at the divided island of the Republic of Cyprus.Their main aim is to bring close the two communities of Cyprus by promoting social inclusion and by organizing mutual workshops,events,seminars,debates,charities,humanitarian demonstrations and volunteering activities.

In February 2015,Marios got chosen by the National Youth Board of Cyprus,to represent his country as a youth delegate,at the debates of the 2nd Eastern Partnership Youth Forum in Riga,Latvia,with the theme “Youth unemployment and Innovative ways to foster young people’s employability”.

In September 2016,after winning the I.C.A.E.W.Business Challenge 2016 hosted by University of Cyprus,he represented his country at the “Economic Forum for Young Leaders”,at Nowy Sazc,Poland.

In November 2018,he was selected by the committee of the W.Y.F,to attend the 2nd Annual World Youth Forum,a platform which promotes Peace,Development and Creativity,taking place at Sharm-El-Sheikh,Egypt,

Through his active continuing involvement over the years,in long-term environmental projects,in Croatia,Greece and Cyprus,he is helping in the promotion of green energy,the use of renewable resources and sustainable development,in his own community.

Marios,believes one has to learn as many new things as possible,acquire various competences,get involved in groups and activities,test different lifestyles,travel as much as possible,live multiple experiences and most important of all,get out of one’s comfort zone.Change begins at the end of one’s comfort zone

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