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Marciano André Malam

Marciano André Malam

Guinea Bassau

Marciano André Malam was born on October 7, 1989 on the island of Menegue, located in the center of the Guinea-Bissau archipelago.

He started his primary studies on the island of Bubaque and then was transferred to his home island at his grandfather’s request in order to continue primary studies on the same island. His grandfather’s intention is due to the need to allow his grandson to learn cultural and traditional bijagós realities. Having noticed the low level of achievement he had at the school on the island of Menegue, his father decided to return him to the island of Bubaque to continue his studies in order to follow him closely. There, Marciano was always the best student at the Dom José Camnaté school where he finished Basic Education. He was one of the first students who attended and completed the complementary course on the island of Bubaque. While studying in Bubaque, he founded AFATAWEMA association. That said, he did not have access to higher education for 3 years for economic reasons, since the same year that he finished the complementary course coincided exactly with the year of his father’s unemployment. As a result, Marciano decided to work at the Hotel Fishing Club Bijagós as a Barman and it was in the same hotel that, through a French friend, he got the funding to do a degree in Public Administration and Social Economy at Colinas de Boé University for 5 years. In his last year of training, he founded the TODONKAN NAYAG association to promote the sustainable development of the island of Menegue. In 2015, he joined the Ubuntu Guinea-Bissau Academy where he became a server leader and this fact gave him more opportunity to found NGO Soluções Insulares – SOLIN, which has already implemented many projects nationwide.

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