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Manav Sachdeva

Manav Sachdeva

United States of America

Manav Sachdeva Maasoom (also known as Maasoom Shah, and MS Maasoom) is a poet, diplomat, chief international officer with McCann Kyiv, and writes literature in Urdu and English, with some contributions in Punjabi as well. His work is listed on Mr. Urdu Poetry website (
Manav Sachdeva Maasoom Shah was the New York City Luce Foundation and the United Nations Poet Laureate for 2015. His first book, The Sufi’s Garland, was published by Roman Books Kolkata in 2011. His second book, Siyaah Shaam Ka Ikhtetaam (The End of a Very Dark Evening), is expected to go to press this year (2020). He studied Poetry and Policy Studies for his Master’s at Columbia University, and at Harvard University Olympia Program in Comparative Literature, Society, and Culture through a full Kokallis Foundation Scholarship.
Manav Sachdeva Maasoom Shah grew up in Ludhiana, Punjab, India till fifteen, went to high school and undergraduate in California, dropped out of a seven-year UCR-UCLA Biomed program for the love of poetry writing and social reform as a shock decision for a scion of doctors, pursued love of literature and languages through an arduous journey at various universities and through various loans and scholarships (Ann Arbor—University of Michigan) and Harvard and Columbia.

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