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Luisa Gallo

Luisa Gallo


Luisa Gallo is a passionate Colombian woman who truly believe in the impact of co-operative work to change realities and build a more peaceful world. She studied law at Universidad del Rosario in Bogotá and continued her studies with a master degree in : “Comparative International Relations” at Università Ca’ Foscari in Italy, she received the academic excellency scholarship and is now a proud alumni of the Harvard-Ca’Foscari summer program. She loves international cooperation and cross-cultural management.Luisa was an AIESEC leader and had a great experience leading teams and getting involve in social development issues in Latin America. She worked representing her country at the United Nations in New York where she contributed in the inclusion of the youth perspective in the Agenda 2030. Something that Luisa is really passionate about is her country: Colombia. She had the honor to be part of the implementation of the Peace Agreement signed by the Colombian Government and the FARC ,working for the Government she had the opportunity to lead international cooperation projects to support the peace process in rural and urban areas, Luisa Fernanda was the co-creator and promoter of “Coffee Schools: Italia and Colombia for peace” a project were victims and former FARC members (victimizer) were trained to produce and transform coffee. Furthermore, she had the opportunity to design and execute the program call “Urban Peace Labs”, together with the UN-HABITAT she developed the labs all over Colombia giving the opportunity to young Colombians to rethink peace and build social projects in their community.

Nowadays she is working at the International Cooperative Alliance as a project manager for the Americas of Coops4DEV and she is promoting Pioneros a social and political movement that creates new leaderships to contributed to Colombia’s development and

promotes innovative strategies to assure a sustainable peace in the country.

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