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Lingyun Zhang

Lingyun Zhang


Coming from a family known for its justice and bravery, my lineage is marked by a commitment to noble causes. My great-grandfather served as an anti-fascist commander during World War II, and both my grandfather and father dedicated their lives to peacekeeping and anti-terrorism efforts. Inspired by their legacy, I entered the field of international diplomacy. Over the past three years of my career, I have witnessed the conflicts and their consequences among different races, religions, and nations around the world. The vision of Global Peace Chain in combating conflicts and pursuing peace deeply resonates with me, and I firmly believe in my capability to further propagate the ideals of peace through GPC. Eager to utilize my international diplomatic experience and network, I aim to engage Chinese youth, government organizations, NPOs, and NGOs in upholding peace in the Asia-Pacific region and resolving global conflicts. Additionally, leveraging my media channels with over 200,000 followers and with the support of my multimedia team, which has experience managing accounts with millions of followers, I can empower more Chinese youth and attract young leaders to join GPC. This will foster greater global understanding, eliminate prejudice, and contribute to building a more harmonious and prosperous world.

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