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Latifa Alwazzan

Latifa Alwazzan


Latifa is a highly motivated Kuwaiti Woman who believes in growth and self-development. She has worked with several NGOs and civil community organizations to empower young ambitious youth like herself and help spread awareness about various cultural issues. The closest NGO to her heart is LOYAC who has given her the title of LOYAC Ambassador. Latifa also works with international organizations such as UNESCO and Organization De Development Durable (ODDD) in addition to having worked at Kuwait University where she has extra curricular activities to help inspire her students. She is also a member of Soroptimist International Kuwait, a global volunteer movement with over 75,000 members who advocate for human rights and gender equality. Latifa is extremely in love with Kuwait and passionate about any project or idea that will help make this country more sustainable and successful. In 2018, Latifa became country representative for ifa Germany in order to help with the intercultural dialogue and continue the conversation: “Dialogue with Islam.” Latifa is currently working with WazzanMath, which started as a community initiative to help improve education and learning in Kuwait. She also leads her own beach cleanup initiative(MW6INY), which started in 2017. Latifa has been part of various cross-cultural programs and has a network of youth in more than 56 countries around the world. For example, she received a Youth Leadership Award in Neal earlier in 2019. In addition to that, Latifa has been trained and named as am Arab Youth Leader by UNESCO in 2017.

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